Reduced sampling variation in offline particle counting:

offline particle counting

Offline particle counting chemical quality monitoring programs include data collected from the time chemicals are received to the point of processing. This may involve the use of grab samples and monitoring for particle contamination offline to understand chemical quality. Establishing a well-controlled sampling protocol that does not contaminate the fluid and produce false positives is essential for successful spot sampling. The best known methods for minimizing external contamination in the sample are presented to support data optimization. Customers are encouraged to incorporate these concepts into their own process development.

What you will learn

  • Methods for reducing variation when taking samples for off-line analysis

Who should attend

  • Anyone involved in taking samples for offline analysis
  • Anyone analyzing particle data from offline measurements


Ready to get started with your offline particle counting solutions? Particle Measuring Systems offers a variety of options depending on your application:


  1. Monitoring at 20 nm with the SLS 20 sampler and the Chem 20 chemical particle counter
  2. Syringe liquid sampler available in a variety of configurations

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