ISO 14644-1:2015 Revisions Summary

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Over the last five years, the ISO Technical Committee 209 has been working on the revision of the basic airborne cleanliness classification, 14644-1 and -2.

The ISO community voted in favor of the revision to update and improve the standard specifically to:

  • Simplify the classification process, and if possible, remove the need to evaluate the 95% upper confidence limit (UCL) for low sample location numbers (currently required for 2/9 of cleanroom locations).
  • Review the classification procedure and make it more applicable to cleanroom operation. In this situation, the contamination is not expected to be evenly distributed; an assumption the current statistical approach makes.
  • Generally, update the standard as required to current thinking and industry requirements.
  • Avoid any radical change to the principles of the current ISO cleanliness classes 1÷9.

The same technical committee has also been working on the revision of the ISO 14644-2:2000 (not analyzed in this document) in conjunction with the revision of ISO 14644-1. The ISO community voted in favor of the revision to improve the ISO 14644-2:2000 standard to:

  • Simplify and clarify requirement and guidance tables that specify frequency of testing and monitoring of cleanrooms used to demonstrate continued compliance with the cleanliness classification.
  • Refine how these intervals may be …

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