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Understanding ISO Standards: ISO 14644-2:2015 Cleanroom Monitoring

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Advanced optics manufacturing is now requiring much cleaner processing environments than were necessary in the past. Smaller device structures, use of shorter wavelengths, and higher laser power densities are all factors that make advanced components more susceptible to damage from contamination. Particle Measuring Systems can provide you with the tools to determine how clean your environment is.

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Controlling Quality in Advanced Optics Manufacturing

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AirSentry® II  定點式離子電泳光譜儀

AirSentry® II 定點式離子電泳光譜儀

固定式感測器可快速反應、偵測極限低 (ppt),並提升檢測選擇性和重複性。 將Air Sentry II感測器與中央軟體平台結合可輕鬆進行數據收集和分析,亦能藉以連續有意義的數據,有效地反應污染來源和事件。

Lasair® III 攜帶式空氣粒子計數器

Lasair® III 攜帶式空氣粒子計數器

業界最高水準之攜帶式空氣粒子計數器,並符合 ISO 14644-1:2015 和  ISO 21501-4 的要求。

LiQuilaz® II E系列液體粒子計數器

LiQuilaz® II E系列液體粒子計數器

液體粒子計數光譜儀 : 量測液體總體積 的粒子計數器,因此您可以準確地知道粒子...  

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