BLOG: Particle Counter Service Team Receives an A Rating Second Year in a Row from Samsung

BLOG: Particle Counter Service Team Receives an A Rating Second Year in a Row from Samsung

Particle Counter Service Team for Samsung in KoreaCongratulations to our particle counter service team for receiving an A rating for the second year in a row from Samsung in Korea. Samsung sets very high standards for their vendors and being recognized by them with an A rating is a huge accomplishment. Our entire team in Korea has worked as a partner with Samsung for many years to ensure we are meeting their needs and providing them with the outstanding service.

When purchasing a high precision instrument you enter into a long term relationship with the vendor, who you depend on for reliable and effective instrument maintenance. At Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) we understand this is critical for your ongoing success so we make this one of our highest priorities.

How Particle Measuring Systems Ensures Top Particle Counter Service

At  PMS we take several steps to ensure our customers can trust us for the highest level of particle counter service:

  1. Hiring the right people: We start by hiring the right people: our employees are critical to our success and to the success of our customers so we have a team dedicated to finding the right people.
  2. Training our Team: Our instruments are highly specialized and require intensive training over a long period of time. Each instrument requires specialized training.
  3. Localized Service: PMS particle counter service teams are direct in every major market so you get direct-from-manufacturer service. In cases where we aren’t direct, we engage with distributors who meet our high criteria and who are trained to provide high level service.
  4. Standardization: We have standardized equipment and processes to ensure identical results in service and calibration at all our global offices.
  5. Review our results and continually improve: Every month we survey our particle counter service customers and ask them how we did and get feedback. We use this feedback to create action plans towards continual improvement.

No matter where you are located and no matter what instrument you purchase you can trust PMS and our authorized vendors for the best particle counter service.

Congratulations again to our team in Korea for providing customers with the highest level service and support!




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