Sensitivity range: 0.5 - 5.0 µm

AirNet® II 2 Channel Air Particle Sensor

The AirNet® II 2 Channel Air Particle Sensor meets the specifications of ISO 21501-4 to measure the size and number of particles suspended in the air for real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles. A simple and cost-effective way to monitor your cleanroom, the Airnet II Air Particle Sensor provides unparalleled performance with data transmission capabilities for remote monitoring. Versatile power options combined with an ultra-small footprint makes the Airnet II Air Particle Sensor (2-Channel) easy to install right where you need it. The unit can be configured to accept distributed power from an in-house system, local power plugin, or power over ethernet (PoE). Data integrity is maintained through the use of a data queue feature that continues to gather data even if communication is lost due to a power outage. To ensure proper flow conditions and vacuum system operation, these units incorporate a Dynamic Flow Sensing system that will alarm with a 15% change in flow conditions. For situations where sampling is required during the vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization process, an optional VHP-compatible unit is available for a simple installation without complex valving.

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  • 2 channels
  • 0.5 and 5.0μm size range, suitable for Pharmaceutical application
  • 1.0 CFM flow rate
  • Interfaces with object linking and embedding (OLE) for process control (OPC) communications, Modbus communications and optional 4-20 mA output
  • Chemical-resistant polycarbonate (PC) enclosure
  • Low sample point cost
  • Small enough for use in remote locations
  • Includes system validation documentation


  • Proven technology provides reliable and accurate data
  • Allows for immediate reaction to particle contamination events
  • A low-cost solution for multipoint monitoring
  • Interfaces with Facility Net, Pharmaceutical Net and FacilityPro Software for comprehensive management of cleanroom conditions
  • A small footprint and flexible mounting options make it easy to install in cleanrooms and mini-environments
  • A laser diode (LD) drastically reduces the need for maintenance and extends product lifecycle
  • Automatic laser shutdown reduces laser failures
  • Data queue maintains data integrity when communication is lost
  • Optional 4-20 mA output for integration with existing systems to help you understand your environment and communicate with other systems
  • Optional XR coating protects sensors against corrosive or oxidizing vapors in VHP sterilization processes


  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Dedicated monitoring of critical locations
  • Trend analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Multi-location monitoring
  • Isolator monitoring

Available Accessories

Sample Tubing (1.0 CFM)

Sample Tubing (1.0 CFM)

Pack of 10 extension tubes with male and female Luer fittings on opposite ends for sampling from IV bags or containers larger than 6" tall. Specs: 18-gauge, 2.7" long.

Facility Net

Facility Net

Facility Net provides a solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring, including a real-time and historical data display. Compatible Particle Measuring Systems particle counters and molecular contamination monitors, as well as various third-party products.

FacilityPro® Software

FacilityPro® Software

FacilityPro® Software provides the interface, data management, and reporting for an environmental monitoring system. FacilityPro's ability to manage viable, nonviable and environmental data through a common system improves the efficiency of production operations and quality investigations.

IsoAir® Protection System

IsoAir® Protection System

The IsoAir® Protection System protects your particle counter with a polycarbonate (PC) cover and stainless steel enclosure so you don't have to remove it from its environment. Featuring a capped probe, the IsoAir Protection System even stays protected during sterilization.

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