Cleanroom Solutions Supporting Effectively Working in the New Normal: Part 1

Cleanroom Solutions Supporting Effectively Working in the New Normal: Part 1

Particle Counter Data Remote Access, 21CFR11 Electronic Signatures….

particle counter data and 21cfr111 electronic signaturesThe new normal is here. Companies want to protect their employees, keep pharmaceutical manufacturing running, while working efficiently and effectively and getting product to market safely and quickly. This presents a wide range of challenges that we did not face at the beginning of 2020. Fortunately, Particle Measuring Systems’ PharmaIntegrity data management meets all the above requirements to enhance cleanroom management in the new normal.  Working remote you can access, manage, and report on data from any location in the world (including your home office). This includes getting 21CFR11 electronic signatures/approvals, managing inventory needs, getting trend reports to alert you to possible contamination issues before they occur, and reporting.


PharmaIntegrity data management system allows you to access environmental monitoring data from any of your
connected facilities at any time, anywhere (including from home) and:

  • View Reports
  • Receive and Approve Authorizations
  • Review Trends
  • Get Alerts when inventory is running low
  • So Much More!

With PharmaIntegrity  from Particle Measuring Systems you will gain:

  • Timely detection of problems in productio facilitating product release
  • Reduce Product Risk
  • Reduce Product Loss and Recalls

PharmaIntegrity has a “Plug ‘n Play” connectivity with Particle Measuring Systems’ instruments including:

Lasair® III Particle Counters
MiniCapt® Microbial Monitor
• BioCapt® Microbial Impactor (available in Stainless Steel or Single Use)
FacilityPro® Data Processor

Learn more about this solution and then contact us to get more information on how PharmaIntegrity Data Management solution can set you up for success in the new remote world.

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