Moving to a Paperless Data Management Solution

Moving to a Paperless Data Management Solution


Paper-based systems are a thing of the past, especially in the Pharmaceutical industry. Watch Daniele Pandolfi and Frank Panofen, Ph.D. of Particle Measuring Systems discuss the switch to a Paperless Data Management including its challenges and benefits.

Listen to this interview to learn about:

Learn more about the migration to a paperless data management solution in our upcoming webinar , “From Paper to Paperless-Tackling the 21CFR11 Challenge”.

Frank Panofen

Frank Panofen, Ph.D., has wide-ranging experience in the field of applied pharmaceutical microbiology and serves as the Global Marketing Manager for Life Sciences at Particle Measuring Systems. Frank has been an invited speaker at international conferences including ECA and PDA, with a strong regulatory background in pharmaceuticals. He is a certified Microbiological Laboratory Manager from ECA.

Daniele Pandolfi Daniele Pandolfi has over ten years of experience in particle counters and cleanroom contamination control. While building strong customer relationships, he has helped many people solve their cGMP issues. Mr. Pandolfi is a Global Product Line Manager for Particle Measuring Systems. Outside of work, he is a semi-professional photographer, an enthusiast of electronics, a lover of new technology, and a keen traveler.


Looking for a 21CFR Part 11 Solution for your cleanroom data. Look no further than PharmaIntegrity.

PharmaIntegrity Data Management System for Pharmaceutical Industry Data Integrity (21CFR11)

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Complete Cleanroom Contamination Control Solutions

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has complete cleanroom contamination control solutions for you including:

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