Reducing Sampling Variation in Offline Particle Counting

Chemical quality monitoring programs includes data gathered from the time chemicals are received all the way to the point of process. This may involve the use of grab samples and offline particle contamination monitoring to understand chemical quality. Establishing a well-controlled sampling protocol that does not contaminate the fluid and produce false positives is critical for successful grab sampling. Best known methods to minimize external contamination in the sample are presented to support data optimization. Customers are encouraged to incorporate these concepts in their own process development. 


What You Will Learn

  • Methods to reduce variation when taking samples for offline analysis

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone involved in taking samples for offline analysis
  • Anyone analyzing particle data from offline measurements


Dwight Beal

Senior Global Applications Engineer

With over 35 years experience in optical particle counters, Mr. Beal has turned his focus toward helping customers overcome their most difficult particle monitoring challenges and finding ways to meet their requirements in the most cost effective way possible. He finds liquid applications provide the greatest challenges that are often quite simple to overcome.