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The AirSentry II Multi-point Monitoring System is the most advanced airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitor available, utilizing sensitive and responsive ion mobility spectrometry to detect and characterize airborne molecular contamination from multiple locations within a cleanroom. The system features a 16- or 30-point manifold sampling system and an on-board computer with secure software and communications.

In modern cleanroom manufacturing areas, process tools are often spread over large cleanroom areas and multiple floors. Air handlers recirculate the majority of air within a cleanroom which can easily spread airborne molecular contamination to unwanted areas, negatively impacting process steps located away from actual contamination sources. The AirSentry II AMC Monitoring System provides a central and cost-effective monitoring station that allows for rapid contamination detection, as well as monitoring sequences to cover a wide number of sample points spread across a facility. A critical part of a strategic airborne molecular contamination monitoring program.

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  • Monitors up to 30 sample locations for airborne molecular contamination (AMC)
  • Features AirSentry II ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) sensors—sensitive, reliable, repeatable
  • Detection of low concentrations of acids, amines, ammonia and chlorides
  • Calibrations traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Real-time graphical software
  • Industrial PC for robust and reliable operation in production environments
  • Slide-out keyboard and display for convenient interface


  • Low cost-per-sample point
  • Detects multiple airborne molecular contamination (AMC) compounds, as specified by the user
  • Programmed monitoring to detect AMC events and trends
  • Compact size
  • Versatile configuration of testing locations


  • Multi-point cleanroom and process bay monitoring for airborne molecular contamination
  • Baseline and qualification of AMC levels in new cleanrooms
  • Analysis and quantification of chemical filter efficiency
  • Characterization of AMC contribution from makeup and recirculation air

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AirSentry® II Point-of-Use Ion Airborne Molecular Contamination Mobility Spectrometer

With parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity, these point-of-use sensors provide fast response, increased detection selectivity and repeatable performance. Combining Air Sentry II sensors with a central software platform allows for easy data acquisition and analysis. The AirSentry II family of airborne molecular contamination sensors provide continuous actionable data, to enable efficient response to contamination sources and events.

AirSentry® II Mobile Airborne Molecular Contamination Detection System

Designed to enhance fixed Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) monitoring programs, the AirSentry II Mobile AMC Detection System is the first truly mobile system for monitoring airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms. Mobility plays an important part in a strategic airborne molecular contamination monitoring program, allowing contamination sources to be quickly located, quantified and eliminated.

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