The BioLaz® Real-Time Viable Microbial Monitor provides real-time detection of biological organisms in controlled environments used for the manufacture of sterile products. Absent of inefficiences, the BioLaz Microbial Monitor allows you to control your environment without having to set aside your batch or risking scrapping viable product.

The BioLaz Microbial Monitor has been independently tested to meet the rigorous requirements of USP 1223 for validation of alternative microbiological methods and EP 5.1.6 for alternative methods for control of microbiological quality.

The BioLaz Viable Microbial Monitor continuously samples air via a stainless steel sample probe. As the air passes through the system, it is illuminated by a laser and the viable biological particles fluoresce. Those fluorescing biological particles are then counted in one of two size channels, depending on their size. The BioLaz Microbial Monitor has been designed with a small footprint in a 316L stainless steel enclosure so you can get samples in the critical space right next to your process.

The unit provides its own air flow using an internal pump, eliminating the cost of and need for external vacuum lines.


NOTE: The BioLaz® Real-Time Microbial Monitor does not satisfy the requirements of RoHS2 DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU and is not available for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, which comprises of all European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states, effective July 21st, 2017.

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  • Capable of single BioCount detectionrepresentative of one colony-forming unit (CFU)
  • Validated to USP 1223 and EP 5.1.6 requirements
  • Not constrained by physical and biological efficiencies associated with impact air samplers
  • Not constrained by the type and quality of the growth media
  • Real-time, continuous counting free from error sources, including: contamination, mishandling and inaccurate counting
  • Easy to operate
  • Doesn't require any special handling, training, or logistics
  • Sensor can be connected directly to Particle Measuring System or third-party software
  • Designed for continuous operation


  • Immediate notification when biological particles are present
  • Verifies biological levels are acceptable prior to filling new technology in a regulated environment to confirm process is contaminant free before you start as an additional way to confirm your environment is ready
  • Separation of finished product (based on timing of alarms)
  • Immediate notification for alarm response
  • Faster batch release
  • Reduced operator error, no handling
  • Paperless data management


  • Sterility test isolators
  • Filling lines
  • Aseptic transfers
  • Biotech applications (product to patient, in the OR)
  • Troubleshooting contamination events

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