September 19, 2017 03:54:54 PM

Statistical Corrections according to Feller for the BioCaptĀ® Microbial Impactor in microbial air sampling

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Following the last blog discussing the principles of Feller’s table of statistics, we move on to discuss improved biological count by impactor slit design.

By using impactor slits it is easier to determine false positives. For example, the BioCapt Microbial Impactor is used for microbial air sampling in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. The slits on the Impactor are variable in dimension at 25-50 L/min to 100 L/min. This type of design allows laminar airflow of the Impactor to collect sample volumes slowly enough ensuring a maximum amount of process time and avoiding damage caused by bacteria, fungi and other viable particles of interest during sampling. Impactor design improves biological efficiency with optimal impaction velocity, statistical control and false positive reduction.

Tomorrow’s blog will discuss the Statistical corrections for viable particle reading accuracy. Or, if you want to learn more now, download this paper on Table of statistical corrections according to Feller for the BioCapt® Microbial Impactor in microbial air sampling.