June 21, 2015 11:20:00 AM

Learn about particle technology from PMS experts.

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Learn about particle technology from PMS experts.

Advance your knowledge of the technology needed to keep your environment free of microcontamination.

Our beginner, intermediate and advanced guides to particle technology provide insight on:

  • The three types of particles
  •  Which particles are of most interest to modern manufacturing processes
  •  The difference between an aggregate and agglomerate grouping of particles

Expand your particle knowledge to become more successful at controlling your processes.

Beginner guide to particle technology provides the foundation, defining the types of particles and their size and what comprises a cleanroom environment.

Intermediate guide to particle technology explains how particles move within a manufacturing process – and how to detect them.

 Advanced guide to particle technology addresses the various technologies used to design particle counters.

A note from the author:

"These guides are written for customers to better understand particles and related technology. We want our customers to have a clear and concise explanation of the science of particle counting that doesn't get them frustrated or confused. These guides provide information they need to gain knowledge and apply it to what matters to them."
----Steve Kochevar, Global Applications Engineer