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Feeling puzzled? PMS experts at SEMICON West deliver solutions.

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Feeling puzzled? PMS experts at SEMICON West deliver solutions.

As your contamination monitoring needs increase, it’s important to continuously monitor when and where your products are at risk. Particle Measuring Systems has the application expertise to help you keep up with demand and reduce yield loss.

Time and again, our customers come to us looking for high-performance products to solve their most complex contamination monitoring challenges. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Challenge: The current purity of your ultrapure water system has exceeded the ability of your existing particle monitoring instruments.

Solution: By detecting particles as small as 20 nm, the Ultra DI® 20 Liquid Particle Counter monitors your ultrapure water system, providing data on the cleanliness of your nano-filtration and distribution systems, so you can be confident particles are being removed effectively.

Challenge: Molecular contamination within cleanroom and process tool environments is affecting your manufacturing processes, and you need reliable data in real-time.

Solution: The AirSentry® II Real-time AMC Monitoring System provides molecular contamination monitoring for acids, amines, ammonias and chlorides to detect airborne molecular contamination in real-time.

Challenge: You have isolated particle problems within pure chemical distribution systems and wafer cleaning tools.

Solution: The Syringe Liquid Sampler 1040 with UltraChem® 40 Liquid Particle Counter sensor provides sampling and measurement of small particles at essential chemical processing locations, providing the highest level of sensitivity for process tools that work in chemical containers and wafer cleaning tools. This allows you to detect the smallest particles possible.

Challenge: Your large cleanroom has very low particle concentration, and you need to measure airborne particulates in process areas and tools.

Solution: The Lasair® III 110 Aerosol Particle Counter has a very low count to effectively monitor low particle concentrations, and it can be combined with a 16- or 32-port manifold to monitor large areas or use onboard batteries for portable monitoring.

Challenge: Your current optical particle counter counts zeros at 0.1 microns while particle events at smaller sizes remain undetected and affect your product yield.

Solution: The Nano-ID® NPC10 NanoParticle Counter monitors at 10 nm with a very low zero count, enabling it to count very low particle concentrations. With its 0.1 CFM flow rate, you can achieve statistical significance faster.

Meet the experts

Talk with our experts at SEMICON West 2015 at Booth# 1123 to learn how PMS can help you resolve these issues and more:

Brian Knollenberg
Vice President & General Manager, Electronics Division
Mr. Knollenberg provides performance-leading solutions to the microelectronics, display and industrial sectors. In his more than 15 years at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held a variety of technology and leadership roles in product development, global applications and general management. In addition to his experience at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held marketing and business leadership positions in the thin film vacuum process equipment industry. Mr. Knollenberg is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations.  Prior to his professional career, he served with the United States Army.

Dan Rodier, Ph.D.
Technology Development Manager, Electronics Division
Dr. Rodier has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Colorado and has over 23 years of experience developing and implementing technologies and strategies to measure airborne molecular species and particulate contamination. Dr. Rodier has four patents for microcontamination monitoring technologies. He has worked with customers across Asia, Europe and North America to implement monitoring programs in the semiconductor, aerospace, hard disk drive and flat panel display industries.

John Davis
Global Applications Manager
Mr. Davis leads an international team in finding and pursuing new growth applications in existing and adjacent markets.. He works to improve the team’s effectiveness at meeting customer's applications worldwide.

Jim Fusco
Director of Sales
With more than 35 years of experience working in high-tech management and sales, Mr. Fusco enjoys working with his team members at Particle Measuring Systems to solve customers’ problems.

Dave Geisenhoff
Electronics Sales Manager, Asia Pacific
Prior to joining Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Geisenhoff worked as an electro-optic/infrared systems analyst for the United State Air Force. At Particle Measuring Systems, he focuses on understanding the challenges his customers encounter and applying products and technology to help them solve their problems.

John Kearns
Regional Sales Manager
With Particle Measuring Systems for more than 10 years, Mr. Kearns provides easy-to-use, reliable and technologically advanced instruments to meet customers’ contamination monitoring needs. With a degree in Chemistry and more than 30 years of providing sales and application support to semiconductor/electronics customers, Mr. Kearns is an expert in contamination monitoring and process control requirements.

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