January 29, 2018 03:00:00 PM

Using the Taguchi Method to Determine Optimal Process Settings

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Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) created a machine for removing and counting particles off from three-dimensional surfaces. The machine, the Surfex®, includes a DI water recirculating filtration system, an ultrasonic tank with ultrasonic transducers, a liquid particle counter, and an ISO Class 2 minienvironment. The DI water is particle-counted before and after the ultrasonic-enhanced extraction. The change in particle counts is attributed to the tested object.


This system can be used to optimize ultrasonic cleaning line parameters by quickly analyzing many different ultrasonics frequencies, ultrasonic power and residence time to maximum particle removal effectiveness while minimizing surface damage. Recipes can be developed for a variety of materials (aluminum, stainless steel, latex and plastic). Additionally, a method for verifying the quality of the data can be developed.

Download Using the Taguchi Method to Determine Optimal Process Settings for discussion on the characterization methodology used to determine the optimal process settings for various materials to be measured, and two examples of normal use investigations.