February 23, 2016 12:13:40 PM

Dr. Gilberto Dalmaso to present at CLEAN ROOM 2016

Written by Nina Morton

Dr. Gilberto Dalmaso, Global Aseptic Processes Development Manager at Particle Measuring Systems, will be presenting at the CLEAN ROOM 2016 conference in Milan. His speech, “Requirements and new solutions for air and surface monitoring in Grade A critical areas,” will focus on the new technologies to improve and optimize air and surfaces monitoring for biological contamination in cleanrooms.

Dr. Dalmaso has over 25 years’ experience in pharmaceutical microbiology and sterility assurance, and his main focus is currently on pharmaceutical microbiology and aseptic processes, microbiological contamination control and rapid microbiological methods, Quality by Design and PAT in microbiology. 

During his career, Dr. Dalmaso has supported and has collaborated with the most important pharma companies (GSK, A&LCO Industries, IMA spa, Steris, Fresenius-Kabi, Baxter, DSM Swizerland, Pfizer Germany, BSP Pharmaceutical Rome, TEVA Hungary) to implement plans for sterility assurance and pharmaceutical compliance, especially for aseptic productions.

Dr. Dalmaso is a member of the PDA Steering Committee, is involved in numerous symposia on microbiology and pharma in Europe and the United States, is a ISO 9001 quality system auditor and an HACCP auditor.