Comparing Particle Loss in Transport Tubing for Instruments with Different Flow Rates

204-ComparingParticleLossInTubing_011619_Page_2.jpgParticle counters are used in many applications ranging from cleanroom and clean air device classification in accordance with specified standards, testing of filter installation, portable environmental monitoring programs, in-situ environmental monitoring systems and the fault diagnosis of specific processes. Historically, there has been a single volume flow rate of 1 CFM (28.3 LPM) chosen for many of these applications.

Manufacturers of particle counters found that as regulations changed, higher volume flow rates were preferred for the classification of cleanrooms to either ISO14644-1 or EU GMP Annex 1 standards. The requirement for monitoring a process using a ‘standard’ 1 CFM device however, continues to prove the most suitable method of acquiring data at an ideal rate and with confidence that the process can be economically measured.

Topics discussed in this paper:

  • Particle counters for room classification and environmental monitoring programs
  • Particle loss mechanisms
  • Testing of 2-meter tubing to demonstrate measurable particle losses