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The New EU GMP Annex 1 Revision 2017: Review, Insights, and Feedback

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Paper Series: Guides to Particle Technology

Paper 1: Beginner Guide to Particle Technology

The first in a three part series, this guide covers the basic details and concepts around monitoring and controlling particle contamination. Written by the global experts in contamination monitoring, in a simple to follow format, this guide has been the industry standard for more than 30 years, with constant revisions to keep up with new approaches, regulations, and technologies.

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About PMS

Particle Measuring Systems  (PMS) is the a technology leader in contamination monitoring  around the globe, the inventor of laser particle counting, and  has expanded into most forms of contamination monitoring, including microbial detection, airborne molecular contamination, as well as traditional particle counting.  In addition, PMS now is a leading supplier of consulting services related to contamination control, contamination monitoring, clean rooms, and GMP compliance.  

Our Mission Statement
To be the differentiated leader for microcontamination monitoring by improving the performance of clean manufacturers through the application of superior technology, quality and services.