Understanding ISO 21501-4 (LS)

Cleanrooms that manufacture products adopt procedures to improve yield and increase throughput. Consequently, many manufacturers follow ISO 14644-1 for determining particle counts and classifying cleanrooms (based upon airborne particle data) and ISO 14644-2 for instrumentation guidelines that demonstrate continued compliance.

The newly released ISO 14644-1:2015 introduces the need for particle counters calibrate to ISO 21501-4. The calibration methods assure data accuracy and repeatability.

The methods outlined in ISO 14644 and ISO 21501-4 represent an important step to more accurate evaluations of clean room contamination and improved process control.

The paper includes recommendations for monitoring solutions to meet regulatory requirements including the Lasair III, IsoAir 310P,  and Airnet II(s) 2 Channel for particle counting.

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