Daniele Pandolfi’s Interphex NY Presentation

Daniele Pandolfi’s Interphex NY Presentation



In the new age of “high technology manufacturing”, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly pushed to improve their production efficiency, product quality/quantity and reduce the time to release in order to remain competitive. Attaining this objective is a challenge that cannot disregard full ISO Standards Compliance. The “Understanding ISO 14644-1/2:2015” presentation will teach those who are new to particle contamination control basic terminology understanding. Advanced users will get a detailed interpretation of the primary standard for cleanroom classification and monitoring. Also, specific focus will be dedicated to the most relevant changes of the latest ISO 14644-1/2 standard revision. Learn more about:

-The best practices to adopt for a controlled and certified production environment

-How to minimize the risk of non-conformances

-How to maximize your production capabilities using the right technology solution

-How to become and stay compliant, and prepare for future standard changes.

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