Thoughts on 2021 and Beyond from a Global Service Provider (Part 2 of 2)

Thoughts on 2021 and Beyond from a Global Service Provider (Part 2 of 2)

A global service provider moves forward into 2021

What lessons, as a global contamination control service provider to the Life Sciences industry, will we take from 2020 that make us successful as we move forward into 2021? From our Single Use Technologies to travel, and from economic to political impacts, PMS employees overcame many challenges in 2020. Now that a New Normal is now upon us Particle Measuring Systems is positioned for success.


The New Normal for PMS and our Customers in 2021:


Click below to hear Frank Panofen, Global Life Sciences Marketing Manager at Particle Measuring Systems and Rizwan Chaudhrey discuss how the Pharma manufacturing industry will be different in 2021, from the perspective of their service providers. Changes include single use technologies, economic impacts, consolidations, and local sourcing.




What are the biggest changes to the way Service Suppliers will do business in the “New Normal”?  Again, Frank and Rizwan discuss how travel, remote services and remote coaching will be more widely accepted in 2021 and the future.




Thank you for joining us in this 2-part series for a look back at 2020 and how it shaped the global Pharma manufacturing industry going forward into 2021 and beyond. This includes how PMS Advisory Services and support services utilizing PharmaIntegrity and BioCapt Single Use Microbial Monitors now play role in the New Normal.


Be sure to check out these and more discussions about the challenges the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and their suppliers faced and have overcome:

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