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The European Commission very recently released their EU GMP Annex 1: 2017 draft for review and comment. Our experts have reviewed this document carefully and are ready to share their insights with you. 

Get a summary of the EU GMP Annex 1 Draft Revisions by reading the paper below or watching the recorded webinar at the right. 

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The New EU GMP Annex 1 Revisions 2017: Review, Insights, and Feedback

Attend this webinar to:

  • Get an expert review of Annex 1
  • Get insights and feedback from experts on the Annex 1 draft
  • Submit your comments and feedback (we will compile for the commission)
  • Learn what the updated Annex 1 might mean to you 

What's Included?

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Summary of Experts' Comments
  • Recorded Webinar

On Demand Webinar

The New EU GMP Annex 1 Revisions 2017: Review, Insights, and Feedback

PRESENTERS: Gilberto Dalmaso, PhD - Senior Advisor and Pharma Customer Advisory Team Manager
Frank Panofen, PhD - Sterility Assurance/Microbiology Product Line Manager
Daniele Pandolfi - Aerosol, Life Sciences Product Line Manager

Download this webinar to learn about the new draft of the EU GMP Annex 1:2017 and what these changes might mean for you.

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EU GMP Annex 1

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