BLOG: Safe Vaccines

BLOG: Safe Vaccines

Part of Particle Measuring Systems’ role in making the world make the world cleaner, healthier & more productive

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As part of the Spectris PLC family of businesses, we aim to deliver value to society by  providing solutions that make the world cleaner, healthier, and more productive. As part of Spectris, Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) supports this purpose in a variety of ways. One of the important ways we participate is by helping to ensure safe injectable treatments, including safe vaccines. The critical impact of our role has become clear with the huge increase in urgent requests we have received from manufacturers around the world as they work to meet the demand for Covid vaccines.

The above image shows at a high level how vaccines and other injectable treatments are kept safe at various stages of manufacturing. The red areas show where PMS supports safe treatments starting with contamination monitoring during clinical trials as well as at full manufacturing. We also participate in release testing and then environment monitoring during storage. When compounding as part of the application is needed, we can support pharmacists for ensuring a safe environment. Finally, in all topics of sterility assurance and contamination control during the full journey of the drug from the active pharmaceutical ingredients until the finished goods our Advisory Services team provides expertise guidance to pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure they are meeting industry regulations and providing safe treatments to the end user.

We are very proud of the role that Particle Measuring Systems has in ensuring vaccines and other treatments are manufactured safely to patients.

Contact us to learn how we can help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure safe vaccine manufacturing. 


Learn how Pfizer makes its Covid-19 vaccines:

Pfizer safe vaccine manufacturing

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