Attend our educational event about particle contaminants

Attend our educational event about particle contaminants


Attend our educational event about particle contaminants

Learn the sources of contamination and how to improve your processes with a trip back to college – Particle College® that is.

During this event, September 23-24, you will learn fundamentals of particle counting, as well as more advanced content. Sessions will cover:

How to detect particles
Forces on particles
Various monitoring techniques
Quantifying contaminants in clean environments
Reviewing of regulatory requirements

Read our complete list of courses and find the tracks that matter most to you.

“I found Particle College a rewarding experience and it allowed me to develop a better understanding of microbial contamination in the cleanroom.  I have already started using these techniques and equipment in my research projects.  I heartily recommend Particle College.”

—-John Harp, MD, Cooper Clinic Orthopedics in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Our educational event is a two-day series of lectures and hands-on labs. Don’t worry, you won’t be graded and you can get the most out of your learning experience by signing up to earn continuing education units (CEUs).

By pre-arranging a one-on-one meeting with our monitoring applications experts, you can also get personalized assistance with a specific application or microcontamination issue. Just ask us how.

Early bird registration ends July 30th for your chance to save 20% off tuition.

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If your timing doesn’t work this go-around or if you are an employer and want your employees to benefit more in a focused group, we offer customized, onsite training. An expert in contamination monitoring will visit you at your location with a course program designed to meet your applications. Contact us or a local sales representative for more information.

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