Chemical Particle Counter Helps with 20 nm Contamination Control

Chemical Particle Counter Helps with 20 nm Contamination Control

In semiconductor manufacturing, due to the small size of devices, 20 nm Contamination Control is often required to reduce product defects and improve yields.

Chemical Particle Counter

The Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) team recently visited some customers who were using less sensitive, previous generation particle counters. We performed onsite testing that helped them determine on which chemistries the Chem20 Chemical Particle Counter would provide credible and useful data.

Highly sensitive instruments like the Chem20 particle counter require high powered lasers. For some chemistries, particularly specialty chemicals, the relatively small signal produced by a 20 nm particle may not be adequately larger than the noise created from the molecular scatter of the sample. Using an oscilloscope, we can measure the signal to noise ratio.

Particle Measuring Systems has verified the successful use of the Chem20 particle counter with many aqueous and organic chemicals and even with some specialty chemicals.

We likely have already tested your chemical.

If you are interested in monitoring particles to 20 nm, please contact Particle Measuring Systems, your total solutions provider, for industry leading contamination monitoring sensitivities.

Learn more about the Chem20 Chemical Particle Counter for industry leading 20 nm sensitivity.

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