Particle Measuring Systems Releases New Parts Cleanliness Testing Station

 Surfex 100M Parts Cleanliness Testing System 
Surfex 100M Tabletop Parts Cleanliness Testing System

Surfex 100M Parts Cleanliness Testing Station

The Surfex 100M tabletop monitor is a compact, integrated particle extraction system for monitoring and qualifying part cleanliness. By combining ultrasonic extraction, particle measurement, and high purity fluidics, the Surfex 100M increases testing throughput up to ten-fold over traditional methods, saving time and money.

The system is specially designed to count particles on small complex devices, irregular shaped parts, consumables, and components typical of the pharmaceutical, medical device, disk drive, and automotive industries. Particle counting is performed and archived with SamplerSight software.

Available software meets all current USP, EP, and JP requirements. The accompanying data collection and reporting software is engineered for 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Particle Measuring Systems has over 35 years experience as the industry leader in particle monitoring and microcontamination control. Particle Measuring Systems combines high-performance instrumentation with application expertise to solve the problems of pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and other high tech manufacturers.


For further product information, contact:

Robin Kring
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Particle Measuring Systems
303.443.7100 ext. 267

Surfex 100M TableTop (102.9 KB)

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