Particle Measuring Systems Introduces the SLS-1040 Chemical Particle Counter

BOULDER, CO – Nov. 21, 2011 – The new SLS-1040 (Syringe Liquid Sampler) sizes particles down to 40 nm. Utilizing NanoVision Technology® the historical obstacles of measuring false counts, high scatter fluids, and ultrapure chemicals are overcome with a revolutionary precision digital/optical design. The unique ability to see what the instrument sees enables unrivaled confidence in the accuracy of the data. Superior performance along with a long life, low-cost laser diode, and 3 year warranty makes the SLS-1040 an ideal instrument for your measuring needs.

Particle Measuring Systems is the global leader in environmental monitoring technology, with over 35 years of experience providing solutions for particle and microbial monitoring for companies manufacturing in clean environments. As the inventors of laser-based particle counters, Particle Measuring Systems sets the standard for particle monitors in pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, aerospace, integrated circuit and electronics manufacturing.

Thomas Pietrykowski
Product Marketing Engineer for Liquids and AMC
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