Particle Measuring Systems Announces John Mitchell Appointed President

Boulder, CO – February 1, 2011 John Mitchell has been appointed president of Particle Measuring Systems effective February 1st, succeeding Paul Kelly who has successfully led the company for the past 15 years. John joined PMS in 1995 as a research scientist and has since made important contributions to the company's development in the positions of Applications Manager, VP Marketing, VP Engineering and most recently, VP Electronics Division. He has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (Utah) and an MBA (Colorado).
Paul Kelly has elected to leave corporate life and will join Teach for America with his first assignment teaching middle school math in the Mississippi delta region. During Paul's tenure as president, the company expanded globally with direct operations in China, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Scandinavia, and diversified the customer base, producing organic growth from life science industries approximately equivalent to electronics related industries. The success of the changes resulted in PMS recording record sales in 2010.
Acquired by Spectris plc in 1996, Particle Measuring Systems is headquartered in Boulder, CO, USA, and is the global leader in contamination and environmental monitoring. Spectris develops and markets productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls across four business segments: Materials Analysis, Test and Measurement, In-Line Instrumentation, and Industrial Controls. The company had sales of 787 million in 2009 (2010 results are scheduled to be released 25 February 2011) and employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide.

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