Particle Measuring Systems Announces Acquisition of Particle Counting Division of Shanghai Sunden Technology

Particle Measuring Systems announced today the acquisition of the particle counting division of Shanghai SUNDEN Technology Corp. in China. As a result, newly created Particle Measuring Systems sales and service centers are opening today in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

"Sunden has done an excellent job of supporting the China market for the past several years, which provides a strong foundation upon which PMS will build for the future" said Paul Kelly, president of Particle Measuring Systems. "We are very pleased to be transferring the employees from Sunden to the Particle Measuring Systems organization to ensure the continuity of knowledge and service to support our customers".

The new Particle Measuring Systems China organization will be headed by Mr. Bill Su. Mr. Su has over ten years of experience working for suppliers of instrumenPtation and control systems, with most recent experience in management positions for Honeywell and ABB in China.

Particle Measuring Systems is the global leader in microcontamination monitoring and has been in business for over 36 years. The company will provide support for its particle counting, microbial monitoring and molecular contamination products from these new offices. "We believe strongly in the future of China and are committing to support the significant growth opportunities that exist in the electronics, life sciences and industrial markets" said Mr. Kelly. "With these new offices we can provide more of our resources to support the important customer base that exists in China."


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