Particle Measuring Systems introduces the Airnet® II Aerosol Particle Sensor for cleanroom monitoring


BOULDER, CO - November 16, 2009 - Particle Measuring Systems announced this week the introduction of the Airnet® II Particle Sensor for environmental monitoring of cleanrooms. The small footprint and unparalleled performance allow for continuous monitoring of particle contaminants at multiple locations in a clean environment. The Airnet II Particle Sensors incorporate the latest aerosol measurement technologies to meet the requirements of ISO 21501-4. In addition, the Airnet II family of aerosol particle sensors offers a variety of sizing sensitivities starting at 0.3 microns with flow rates of 1.0 cfm or 0.1 cfm. Benefits of the Airnet II Particle Sensor include versatile connectivity options and protection of data integrity. An Ethernet connection provides real-time communication and data analysis with a facility monitoring software package. The sensor is powered through a Power over Ethernet router or from a local power source. If communication is interrupted, the system will continue to gather data for up to 1440 samples and automatically download the queued data when communications are restored. Optional communication features include OPC and 4-20 mA outputs. Proper operation is assured through the ability to monitor air flow and indicate a bad flow condition that may affect performance. Built-in status indicators display power, laser and flow activity on each unit for easy viewing.

Particle Measuring Systems is the global leader in environmental monitoring technology, with over 35 years of experience providing solutions for particle and microbial monitoring for companies manufacturing in clean environments. As the inventors of laser-based particle counters, Particle Measuring Systems sets the standard for particle monitors in pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, aerospace, integrated circuit and electronics manufacturing.

Contact: Paul Hartigan
Aerosol Product Line Manager
(303) 443-7100, x219

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