Particle Counters for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences,
including solutions for ISO 14644, USP 797, ISO 14698, and GMP

Monitoring Regulations

GMP and cGMP
GMP and cGMP

GAMP® Requirements and Solutions

Particle Monitoring for ISO 14644 Regulations
ISO 14644

USP 797 Particle Monitoring Solutions
USP 797

Monitoring Particles in Injectables for USP 788 and EP 5.1
USP 788 and EP6

FDA 21 CFR Part 11
21 CFR Part 11

FDA 12 CFR 1271
21 CFR 1271

Particle Counting: Air

Portable Particle Counter
Portable Particle Counter

Handheld Particle Counter

Particle Sensor with Pump
Particle Sensor with Pump

IsoAir GMP Particle Sensor: Stainless Steel
Particle Sensor: Stainless Steel

Air Sampling

Real-Time Microbial Monitor
Real-Time Microbial Monitor

MiniCapt Portable Microbial Sampler
Portable Microbial Sampler

Air Trace® Automated slit-to-agar sampler
Automated slit-to-agar sampler

Point-of-Use Microbial Sampler

Particle Counting: Liquid

Syringe Sampling System with LiQuilaz

Liquid Particle Counting Spectrometer: LiQuilaz

Parts Cleanliness Testing Station: Surfex
Parts Cleanliness Testing

Particle Monitoring Systems

Facility Monitoring System
Facility Monitoring System

SamplerSight Particle Monitoring Software
Parenteral Testing Software

Modular PLC

Aerosol Manifold for Particle Monitoring
Multipoint Manifold

Pharmaceutical Net Facility Monitoring Software
Facility Monitoring Software

General Information

Pharmabilities Brochure
Pharmabilities Brochure

Technical Papers
Technical Papers

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmaceutical Particle College
Particle College

Pharmaceutical Microcontamination Monitoring Services
Particle Monitoring Services

Without Measurement There Is No Control
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