Sensitivity range:1.5 - 125 µm

The LiQuilaz E15, E20, and E20P optical liquid particle counters are volumetric monitors with sizing sensitivities from 1.5 – 125 µm. Volumetric liquid particle counters offer the highest precision possible by measuring 100% sample volumes so that short sampling intervals can be utilized without sacrificing statistical significance.

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  • Sizing sensitivities from 1.5 – 125 µm
  • 15 user-adjustable sizing channels
  • Volumetric: 100% view volume
  • Facility Net, SamplerSight, PharmaceuticalNet, or SamplerSight Pharma
  • Pharma software
  • Compact system


  • Yield Improvement
  • Real-time characterization and analysis of particle concentration for immediate response to contamination
  • Optional software makes process control easy by providing alarm settings, status conditions, sampler setup, and online help
  • Volumetric measurements provide greater accuracy for tighter process control
  • Supports a wide range of applications and fluids
  • E15 and E20 are available for online use
  • E15 and E20P are available for use with syringe samplers
  • Online and batch sampling capabilities
  • RS-485 networking compatibility
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the process
  • Flexible software provides numerous viewing options for real-time or retrieved data
  • User-selectable particle size thresholds


  • Pharmaceutical WFI, PW performance verification
  • Medical device cleanliness testing
  • Parenteral sampling
  • Detect abrasive particles
  • Continual process improvements

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