John_091614-(1).jpgJohn Mitchell, President
Courses: Particle Physics, Particle Mechanics

Starting as a research and development scientist when he joined Particle Measuring Systems in 1995, Mr. Mitchell discovered that he enjoyed working with customers to solve their problems. As a result, he became more involved in the commercial aspects of the business. After holding positions at the company in various other capacities, Mr. Mitchell was appointed president of Particle Measuring Systems. He has written and presented more than 25 technical papers around the world and is an inventor or co-inventor on 10 patents. Outside of work, Mr. Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.

Brian_091614-(1).jpgBrian Knollenberg, Electronics Division Vice President & General Manager
Course: Fundamentals of Optical Particle Counters

Mr. Knollenberg provides performance-leading solutions to the microelectronics, display and industrial sectors. In his more than 15 years at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held a variety of technology and leadership roles in product development, global applications and general management. In addition to his experience at Particle Measuring Systems, Mr. Knollenberg has held marketing and business leadership positions in the thin film vacuum process equipment industry. Mr. Knollenberg is actively involved in several nonprofit organization. Prior to his professional career, he served with the United States Army. When not at work, he spends time in the mountains hiking, fishing and spending time with family.