Sensitivity range: 20 - 100 nm

Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter

Leading-edge microelectronic processes require very clean process chemicals that are highly filtered and regulated to a particle size of 20 nm or below. With 20 nm particle sensitivity, the new PMS Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter is the world's most sensitive particle sensor for high purity process chemicals.

Extensive data on chemical distribution and packaging systems proves that the PMS Chem 20 sensor, with 20 nm sensitivity, detects larger concentrations of particles with better statistics than competitive products. The Chem 20 Chemical Particle Counter is a valuable tool that enables facility and process engineers to quickly detect and characterize chemical particle sources before they impact process and device performance.




  • Advanced laser optics and detectors enable 20 nm sensitivity in chemicals
  • On-board chemical flow meter to set sample flow
  • First particle counter optimized for low and high refractive index chemicals for improved performance:
    • Chem 20 sensor, for chemicals with lower indices of refraction
    • Chem 20-HI sensor, tailored for sulfuric acid and other higher-index chemicals
  • On-board leak detection to provide alarm upon an internal chemical leak
  • Low-flow detector and alarm to ensure consistent data
  • Macro-bubble detector to protect sensor performance
  • Local data display


  • Detect 20 nm PSL & 9 nm Au particles in real time
  • Detect yield-limiting particles (not possible with competitive technologies)
  • React quickly to particle excursions long before surface scan or yield data are available
  • Optimize chemical delivery systems from the loading dock to point-of-process
  • Tighten process control limits through improved sample population statistics
  • Optimize instrument operation for very dirty or very clean applications using two view modes, extending product application space
  • Support legacy data acquisition systems with flexible communications


  • Real-time particle monitoring within chemical distribution systems
  • Point-of-process monitoring
  • Chemical packaging operations monitoring
  • Chemical filter performance and efficiency characterization
  • Performance testing of chemical handling components


Facility Net软件

Facility Net软件

Facility Net软件提供了一项全面环境监测的解决方案,包含实时的以及历史数据显示。兼容的PMS粒子计数器和分子污染监测器,以及各种第三方产品。



与在线应用一起使用,液体安装套件包括一个 Flaretek®扩口工具,25英尺又1/4英寸氟烷氧基烷烃管子和阳螺纹接头

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